Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It has leaked... now, who is going to clean that up?!

The internet is great for getting ahold of anything. This includes useless spoiler info - like who is proposed to be cast for the upcoming, "Dancing with the Stars".

Here is the list in advance of the official announcement on Wednesday next week.

I publish the list in no particular order - - and for no purpose.

Can you guess their names? Not that it matters...

I keep finding myself saying... what?, why?, who????

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I was thinking of getting this T-shirt...

What do you think?

Monday, August 27, 2007

against my better judgement.

At the request of my daughter - I put this together. Thanks, Jenny, Lori, and everyone else who has one posted on their blogs.... sheesh!

Take My Quiz on

Can you Ace my quiz?
Let's Find Out!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

REVO in the mountains

The photos for the REVO summer camp can be seen by clicking on my flickr account window to the left!

Check out the fun that Darrenn Platt planned for all the kids.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Since my latest post is about Music...

I can't wait!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Rick


One of my favorite pop icons from the 80's is Rick Springfield. I have a long running joke going on with my good friend Mike that Rick Springfield is the greatest guitar player in the history of music. It really makes Mike laugh as Mike is a connoisseur of guitar shredders... but I digress.

Anyway, Rick turns 58 today.

Here is a clip of the Greatest song of the '80's. Enjoy!

It is....

The logo for the church where my brother-in-law held his wedding/reception... No, thank God he doesn't attend the church - it was just a low cost, air conditioned meeting hall.

The church of 'religious science, and the science of the mind'.

Here is what the "logo" means.

This chart shows, first, the Universal Spirit; then the
Universal Soul or Subjectivity, which is the medium of all thought, power and
action; then particularization or manifestation of Spirit.
The point drawn
down through the center symbolizes the descent of Spirit into matter, or form.
It is necessary that Spirit be manifested in order to express Itself. The word
Unity on the descending line shows that all come from the One. Man re├źnacts the
whole Universal Life, and his nature is identical with Spirit. What is true of
the Whole is true of any one of Its undivided parts. Man comes to a point of
individualization in the Whole and is subject to the Law of the

This chart shows how man re├źnacts the Whole and is subject to the law of his own
being. If the meaning of this chart is carefully studied it will be made plain
that man thinks consciously and that his conscious thought becomes the law of
his life. The upper section stands for the Self-Conscious man; the middle
section stands for the subconscious man; and the lowest section stands for the
man as he appears in the flesh and in the conditions of his life.

The Religious Science logo

This stylized version of Metaphysical Chart No. II-A (Science of Mind text, page 569) is used throughout the Religious Science movement as a sign of membership. It is a symbolic representation of the creative process of Life.

The circle represents God, which, in the words of St. Augustine, is an infinite circle whose circumference is nowhere, and whose center is everywhere. The circle contains three sections, or a "trinity" of Life: Spirit, Soul and Body. The "V" shape indicates that the three levels of Life are intersected by the creative process which begins with Spirit, moving through the Soul to a point of physical manifestation.

This creative process can also be described as the movement of the Seed, through the Soil, growing into the plant that bears the seed that conceived it.

Spirit / Seed
Soul / Soil
Body / Plant.

What?!? seed, soil, plant... what? Spirit, soul, body... Knock, knock... Hey knuckleheads... It is supposed to be :
Basically this 'cult' (and I use that term in the 'classic' sense) believes that we are all Christ and our collective 'goodness' is 'heaven'.
Here is a direct quote from the cult's founder:
"A Religious Science Church is a state of consciousness and a Religious Scientist is someone who knows, who has an awareness, arrived at perhaps by intuition, because he has listened until something spoke. A Religious Scientist is humble before the greatness of things, but is not afraid of the greatness of things. For our future is a matter of one person who has come to know what God is … then two … then three … then a hundred, wherever our Church may appear".

"A Religious Science church is a place where only two things happen: people are taught about a Divine Presence and a Universal Law of Good, which reacts to It; and people are taught how to use It. That’s all. We have nothing to sell."
- Ernest Holmes
Well Ernest, you have nothing to 'give' either. Jesus Christ is the eternal representation of all that is 'good'. He is the only way to eternal peace.
I am a firm believer in 'see it for yourself'. Here is a link to their beliefs.
Hey, form your own opinions of this drivel. All I know is that this movement needs prayer - prayer for the truth to be revealed. Prayer for God to enlighten everyone

Monday, August 20, 2007

Can you identify this image?

Can you identify this image? No, it isn't an advance image from the upcoming "Mouseadventure, Eye Spy" at Disneyland...

No it isn't a logo from the next "Visitors" movie franchise...

No it isn't a porthole on any cruise ships...

Give up?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

18 Years ago

Eighteen years ago today, August 19, 1989, I was married to my beautiful bride who was known at the time as Dawn Elaine Alexander. From that moment on, we have celebrated 18 years of life together as "one".

Dawn and I have been together since 1985 when I met her while checking out VHS movies at the Wherehouse records. Who would have known that 4 years later we would become Husband & Wife and 3 years after that, Dad & Mom - and again 3 years after that.

The last 22 years of my life, spent with Dawn have been the BEST time of my life. God is so amazing in how He works things out so that two people can meet, become friends, fall in love, become stronger friends, get married, become parents and fall more in love.

Thank you Jesus, for placing Dawn in my life.

"I love you Dawn"

Thursday, August 16, 2007

So who you voting for?

'Nuff said!

Tonight is the NIGHT!

The season finale'!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sushi party and softshell crab

Our friends, the Nixon family, had a sushi party at their house and the kids that were there kept playing around with the 'interesting' salads that our host had purchased for the evening.

One of the salads was a softshell crab salad. Which was basically dead crabs (small ones) in a chili glaze. Nevertheless, the challenge for the night was to eat this stuff. Only two of the dads attempted it. (Neither of which was me - are you kidding) After the face made by one of the dad's, no one else was going to eat one.

As the evening progressed, Tara, our hosts daughter kept playing around with the crabs - so her dad (one of the dads who ate a crab) offered her a couple of dollars to eat one. Well, after all the dads coughed up some cash - there was a stack of $18 in front of her and - yes, being the brave soul she decided to eat one!

Here is a video of the event as it transpired. Enjoy -

Monday, August 06, 2007

Wicked - ly wonderfulishtastic! Oooooooooo!

hey, once you've seen wicked you realize that you can make up your own words.

Our family went to the theatre connecting event (Thanks Maureen!) to see Wicked at the Pantages theatre in Hollywood. Wow.... Elphaba and Ga'linda were fabulisterical!

Here are a few of my favorite scenes - sorry for the quality on some - but hey, what can you expect when someone is filming when they aren't supposed to (no it wasn't me).

The Catfight to end all Catfights!



Friday, August 03, 2007

Revo and Wild Rivers

Darrenn took the revo group to Wild Rivers today -

They had a great time - no injuries and from the looks of it, no sunburns! Thanks Darrenn for leading such a great REVO youth group!

Thanks to Michelle Lasch and Dawn Bambrick (my beautiful bride) for assisting with keeping an eye on the yutes... did he just say yutes... yes, yutes... oh, excuse me.. the 'youths'...

"CCCC" - Christ Community Church Campin'

Our most recent trip was to go camping with some of our friends from Christ Community Church in Buena Park. We all went to "Silent Valley" (which I think is named because there is NO Cell service and NO internet).

The place was really nice and it was great to re-connect (even if only annually) with some of our friends. There were 20 adults and 22 kids. It was GREAT fun!

Our friends, The Hibma family, came from Tennessee to visit and brought their tents in their luggage, so that they could come on the campout. It was so much fun - but then again, I already said that.

Here are some pictures.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

favorite 2 minutes....

Ok, here is a challenge to my readers... can you pick your favorite movie clip?
Make it under 2 minutes... if you can!

I am a HUGE movie fan - so I can't really narrow it down - I have a few...

From the GREATEST movie ever!

The classic "lip sync" (note: it isn't lip sing as most people mispronounce it)

Who could forget "Mr. Hand" and "Spicoli"

I really enjoy this stuff too...

I stumbled onto this website... you can watch whole movies online!

So how about you? What are your favorite 2 minutes of cinema?