Monday, July 23, 2007

Jesus Rocks

As most of you know I was laid off from my job back in March (rather abruptly) and was finding myself trying to discern what and where Jesus wanted me to go and do. I thought seriously about full time ministry - but, as only the providence of God can reveal, found that was not to be the place for me (at this time).

Thus, I went back to running my own business - I am a Real Estate Appraiser by trade and I am sure that you know, right now, if you are associated with that market in any way, you are really in a bad place. Nevertheless, I felt very strongly led to re-start my own company. It was a struggle for the first few weeks, but then, God kicked it to high gear.

As only Jesus can, he rocked my world - showed me that only He can do ALL things. I have been so abundantly blessed with work (and it is not my nature to talk about it - for fear of losing the stream of work - weird huh?) that He told me to share it. So, over the past month I have hired two people to help me with the workload - and I still have a ton to do myself. So now, I am able to bless these two individuals with income and provide for my family as well.

This proved 2 things to me; first and foremost, again, God secured my faith that HE will provide me and my family with everything we need, through prayer and petition; and secondly that when people say that you will be better off within 90 days of being laid off, they were right.

The purpose of this post... not to brag, but to thank - SERIOUSLY thank - all of you who were praying for me. You rock - but most of all ... Jesus Rocks!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Locks for love - Part Deux...

Ashley decided it was time to cut her hair. So off she went to "Cool Cuts" in Buena Park. They participate in the "locks of love" program.




She looks soooo much older now....

Did you hear that.. it is the sound of a Dad's heart skipping a beat -

My only saving grace... she can't date until she is 35, after finishing her degree.

We'll see.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I miss my son...

It has been a week that Garhett has been off to camp... I sure miss him.

___________ Colannino is HERE!

Baby Colannino was born today at 12:21pm, he is 7lbs 11.9 oz, 20" long and takes after his dad with a 14 1/2" head. Sunie and Christian have not decided on a name - so for now he is nameless - but cute as can be! Congrats to the parents! Sunie is doing ok and is resting after the whole ordeal.

As usual Dawn bogarted (look that idiom up - - or is it a colloquialism?) the kid during the whole visit.

Doesn't Christian look happy!

I am a G-rated man...

Well, I received a G rating as well (thanks for the tip Michelle). It appears there is only one offensive word on this blog. It seems "abortion" appears once. hmmm... guess they don't feel my support of Calvinism as offensive....

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