Thursday, January 18, 2007

Movies... Movies.. Movies.

Here are some of my latest movies...

A updated version of "Harold and Maude". But without all the smut.
A cute little film of an unexpected friendship that is a mutual healing.

Good film.

I liked this movie. A great story of having to face your past.
I liked the way the movie actually got you into this girls life!

Gymnastics is second to dancing in my book! Go ahead - fire away with the comments... I don't care. I am secure in my masculinity.

This is a cute - pre-teen girl movie. My daughter loved it. Except for the rather revealing mermaid...

Monday, January 15, 2007

24 Season Premiere Party!!

Tonight Dawn & I (Ok, so it was mostly me) hosted a 24 season premiere party. 11 Friends came and joined the BBQ and 4 hours of Jack Bauer kick'n some terrorist butt!

About 2 hours into the show my TV just turned off.... and look how surprised we were! Ok, so this was just a staged picture - in case you didn't figure that out. But man oh man, what surprises did this show have.... Our faces did look like this many times!

Seriously though - If Bobby hasn't convinced you to start watching this show yet - you don't know what you are missing....

Jack Bauer truly is the Greatest American!

Friday, January 12, 2007


Here are a couple of more movies I have seen this week... Yeah, so I like to watch movies - it helps relax me!

Tristan + Isolde

Great movie about the war between Britania and Ireland. I thought it was a chick flick - but with Ridley Scott directing, there is plenty of battle scenes for the guys!

Monster House

Stupid movie. Waste of time.

How to eat Fried Worms

Funny movie - only boys will get it. Brought back a ton of memories as a kid growing up hanging with my buddies and doing really stupid things...

Step Up

Great movie. I like any movie that has good music and dancing. Ok, there I said it. I like dancing movies. Especially when conflicting dance types are used to bring people together. I liked this movie.

The Wild

There are only 2 reasons to like this movie. Keifer Sutherland does the voice of the Lion - kept waiting to hear him tell the other beasties to, "Lay down your weapons!"... Never happened - although there was some Jack Bauer moments where you 'think' that Sampson is dead.... but is he really... heck no. Just like Jack, he is there to save the day, world, Island, etc... The second reason is that Eddie Izzard is the voice of Nigel the Koala Bear. If you have never heard Eddie Izzards comedy - you should. He is very, VERY intelligent and can turn historical facts in to humor. (Eddie Izzard is not for kids - but it is funny).

Friday, January 05, 2007

Internet connection and the "Q"

Tomorrow Chris Hoff and Lynnae Cavender will be married. Wow! So, we packed up our 5th wheel and headed out to Apple Valley today. I took two hours off work and zipped down the 15 freeway, parked in their driveway, fired up my laptop, hooked up a 2nd monitor, jacked in my Q and BAM... instant broadband connection to the web.

I was back to work and surfing the web in an instant! This phone is the best electronic investment I have made in a LONG time!

Verizon has this 'additional' fee they want to charge to sell you a 'special connection' cable (it is a stinkin' USB cable) and then charge an additional $50 a month to connect. Well, thanks to the internet saavy contacts I have and the surplus of USB cables in my garage - for a one time charge of $30 (for the connection software) - I use my 'unlimited web' access and piggyback on that to connect my laptop! It is a gem! Faster than DSL!

Now I can be anywhere (anywhere there is cell service) and work! Nice.. time to fire up the ol' dodge, hook up the 5th wheel and get back to cruising the countryside!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Gym time

Part of my new routine of working at home is to go to the gym each morning with my wife. Dawn & I joined the new 24 hour fitness in the Buena Park Mall - it doesn't open till May (or so) so until then we are going to the 24 hour on Knott & Lincoln. It's a smaller place but we like it so far.

I really enjoy spending time with my wife doing this everyday. I used to go to another gym when I worked at the Block, but I didn't enjoy it as much. Although, I had a personal trainer there - now I get to be the personal trainer. It's fun!

Oh, this wasn't a New Year's resolution either - We don't do those.

A few recommendations.

Ok, a quick confession to make... while I am now working from home on a dual monitor PC system, I have found that it is much easier to watch a movie while working than ever before.

With this in mind, I share a quick suggestion for a couple of movies I have recently seen (only one while working).

They are:

I really enjoyed the humor in this movie - but I have a question... do male cows have udders? hmmmm?

Great movie - yeah, it's a chick flick... with a twist... I am just glad that I understand the whole, "Time/space continuum" thing! This one had Dawn confused at the end!

Ok, so it's a Lindsay Lohan movie... don't hate me. It is ok, kinda cute... Not a chick flick - more like a 12 year old girl flick. Great message at the end!

The Devil Wears Prada
Great movie. I didn't want to see this one - cuz I don't like... ok, I should use a stronger word, but won't... Meryl Streep. Bleeech! But, much to my surprise I was able to keep my stomach contents intact and actually enjoyed the movie. It reminded me alot of the place I used to work... I won't go into detail as to why. GREAT message at the end!
Well that's it for now. I have 6 more movies to watch. I will share my feelings about them later. Have I told you all how much I enjoy working from home!

I am sorry!

Hey readers... You know who you are!

I am very sorry for not posting anything new in a while. As you have read in my previous post I have started working from home and since starting that process (which was supposed to give me more time) I have found that every minute of my day has been sucked up with work or figuring out how to maximize my time while working at home. Ergo, blogging has suffered.

And I am sorry!

Welcome Christina!

Hey guy's, our pastor of Belong and Grow has started blogging!

Go check out her blog here: Christina Walker