Saturday, December 16, 2006


As some of you may know already - I quit my job.

On November 30th I gave my two weeks notice to my old employer ---------------------------------------------->>>>

On that day they gave me a box, loaded up my pictures of my family, and walked me out.

Very refreshing day!

Why would I do that? Well, mostly because I could no longer stand the uncertainty of employment (the company announced the day before that they were 'for sale'), the lack of business scruples and general ability of most of the management staff to slide along a moral ladder.

Ok, this wasn't such a carefree move on my part - for the previous 30 days I had been interviewing at another company, meeting with the prospective employer -- basically getting the lay of the land and setting up my exit strategy. You see, I recently found out (reconfirmed actually) that my primary 'strength' is called "STRATEGIC". This is the ability to see a plan come to completion in my mind, considering all the alternatives, then set that plan into action. So, with that ability I was able to completely plan my exit from my previous employer, plan my start date at the new one, take a couple days off to spend with my family and figure out how to get my benefits to transfer from one company to the other without a significant interruptions.

It all worked. I started at my new job on 12/6/06. I work from home, set my own hours, make a guaranteed salary equal to what I was making - and after the first 4 weeks of training and getting up to speed, I will have significantly more time to spend with my family! Ah, the beauty of it all... Oh, the best part is that my benefits continue until 12/16/06 and my new benefits go active on 12/31/06. Only two weeks lag time - - now, just to keep everyone healthy during that time!

As one of my childhood idols, Hannibal Smith (do you know who he is?), "I love it when a plan comes together!"