Monday, July 31, 2006

Garhett's at camp

Well, it is the first day with Garhett away at Boy Scout long term camp. He is at Lost Valley Scout Reserve. He will be there for the next 6 days and I sure miss him already... and it is not because I had to put out the trash cans myself... Well, day 1 down, he didn't come home - so far so good.

1st Post

I was inspired to start this by a very good friend... He told me that in this day and age it is easier for friends to keep in touch with each other via the internet on a daily (or as often as possible) basis than to make individual phone calls to each other - I kinda disagree, but hey, I can't stop *progress* - if you can call it that... so, in honor of my friend - I submit my ramblings to the etherworld.

I warn you now, that I am NOT a creative person and I like simplicity - so you won't see any great photos (I don't even know how to post them yet) or whimsical prose here - just the facts.

Thanks for reading!