Wednesday, June 20, 2007

and now for something a little more 'spiritual'

In the 'sprit' of tounge in cheek I offer my readers these:

You can find more like this and 'Christian' based videos at the Christian alternative to YouTube.

I really think the catch phrase is clever... "broadcast Him" instead of "broadcast yourself".

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

**WARNING** potentially offensive posting.

I KNOW I shouldn't post this... but I can't help it. If you are a kid - don't read this post - just pass it up and go along your innocent ways...

I should preface this by saying that I am a proud Mexican/Irish American and I am not offended by much - if you are of Mexican heritage you should find this hilarious, um, unless of course you find it too close to home... well, watch the video then read on....

When I was a teen and used to go out dancing ALOT we used to make fun of the Cholo's and how they danced. As a young adult I still made fun of the Cholo's and their ridiculous elbow dance. I always called it leaning like a Cholo... Now there is a song that makes the Dodger jersy, MJ wearing homies famous. Sorry if this is offensive - but it is so funny!

Now, there is a radio station that took it to the next level and put out this one... I LAUGH OUT LOUD every time I hear it! This is the kind of humor that a Latino like myself can really enjoy! If you find it offensive, then too bad - or as the Cholo/Chola's say, cayate la boca. hehehe!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I passed the test?

You Are a Capitalist Republican
Money makes your world go round - and it's no surprise that you always vote your wallet.You're financially successful (or plan to be), and your agenda is low tax and pro business.You don't get fired up about abortion... but mention capital gains tax, and you go crazy.You want government to be as small as possible - and to stay out of the way of business.

I don't think I am a capitalist... a conservative yes... but capitalist NO WAY. Now this test is obviously developed with a liberal slant. It would be much nicer if these tests wer a little more honest.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's coming.. watch out Racer X!

Oh, I can't wait! I just found out that one of my all-time-favorite cartoons, from my childhood of course is being made into a movie!

"Speed Racer"

The ONLY bummer is that Mom Racer is played by one of my LEAST favorite actors... bummer! But, if the movie follows the cartoon - we don't get to see her much (if ever!).

Now if they would only re-make my other favorites! Can you guess what they are?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Birthday Wishes (Bobby & Jamie)

Since two of my musical friends share a birthday today - I post this for them... Being musical, I figured this is the best way to say "Happy Birthday"

Happy Birthday Bobby & Jamie!

I need this shirt

My good friend Michelle Lasch thinks that I am strange because I hate being surprised - especially by movies or books. I don't mind knowing the end - I still enjoy the journey. I don't mind if someone 'spoils' a movie - I will still watch it and be just as amazed as if I never knew the 'secret'. With that said, I found a link on another blog to this shirt. Which I must get!

Get yours here!

24 goes LEGO?

Ok, so they aren't lego - but if you are going to get your kids a toy, why not use a toy that saves the world! Get yours here.