Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's a good, good day!

Well today is a good, good day in the Bambrick household. Our son, Garhett just received his results from the SAT test he took.

He scored 1910.

610 Critical Reading
630 Math
670 Writing

8 on the essay

We are so proud of him. He took the test basically unprepared - what a smart kid we have. So proud of Dawn and her 10 years of homeschooling him.

To put things in perspective - the average score this year is 1538 (520 math, 510 writing and 508 critical reading). A perfect score is 2400. Garhett was really wanting a perfect score, but the numbers weren't in his favor - on average 1,000,000 students take the SAT each year with only 20 scoring perfect.

Garhett's score puts him in the 87% which means he scored better than 87% of test takers.

By way of comparison, if Garhett took the old SAT his score would have been equivalent to a 1350.

Way to go Garhett!

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